Thursday, August 9, 2012

the bible on marriage

Is it not funny that even in the Bible of King James, Hebrews 13.4 says that, "Marriage is honourable in ALL, and the bed is undefiled. Let whoremongers (translation: prostitutes) and adulterers (translation: the unmarried) be judged by God." it does not even mention homosexual, heterosexual, bisexual, trisexual, or transexual unions...but its says that marriage is honourable in all. Now go and actually support freedom of religion, after all, this is a christian text.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Pointless Pennies, Nickels, and Dimes...


  Have you ever weighed a 16 volume ounce mason jar full of Pennies, Nickels and Dimes? Well, you would find that the overall weight of these raw materials well more than you would expect...

  Why am I even talking about this?

   Check this out...

  When was the last time you purchased a product using only pennies, nickels, and dimes? Exactly...I know that I have not done that personally in the past decade. So what does that mean to you and the American Economy?

  What if all of these coins were removed from circulation and melted down for scrap THEN sold to developing countries as raw industrial material? Cost of production...minimal, we already have the scrap metal (not sorry for calling these coins scrap.) All that is needed is to sell, making the profit putting revenue back into the economy instead of losing the money required to produce these futile coins.

  Potiential Issue #1: So what about products that cost less than $1.00?
As a whole, is a company truly making a profit off of an item that is marketed for less than a dollar? I highly doubt it. Not with the cost of the resources and man power required to make your remarkable fake dog poop prank toy at Dollar General. By eliminating all but the Quarter, we could set the minimal purchase price of an item to $1.00, and then round current goods and services market value to the nearest whole dollar value. Then, we could implement a 25% sales tax on purchases and trades of private and commercial goods and services.

 Potiential Issue #2: This really solves issues for the Federal budget, but what about the States?
If this were to be implemented, we could keep (reasoning to follow) the current State Tax rates. By eliminating the failing Internal Revenue Service, monetary income to the Federal Budget is through a 25% Fair Tax on consumer and business goods. Now that you are collecting your entire paycheck not raped by Uncle Sam, there is no need for yearly tax returns. Instead, at years end, the States of America are entitled to their current sales tax percentage as a percentage of return from the Federal Government revenue collected from private and business sales and trades throughout the year. States are still entitled to aquire income through registration(s) of motor vehicle(s), permission(s),    property(s), and liscense / liscensing(s) as justified and deemed lawful by the State and / or the Federal jurisdiction.

 Potiential Issue #3: This affects the poor the most, while the Rich will be secure!
Fabrication. Those of less fortune are not likely to justify the purchase of their 6th $100,000 sports car over the purchase of a loaf of bread. This plan puts financial responsiblity on EVERYONE to not live above their means as we have done since we thought capitalism was cool when Reagan was elected. There are no tax loop-holes, it is a straight tax on purchases.
 I believe in America and her ability to raise herself from this dark time in her life. I believe that the more ideas I share, wrong or right, at least I did my civil duty to stand up to an inactive government due to partisanship, lobbyists, and general fear of trying something new. Thanks for viewing and I hope your voice reaches mine so that we can do something and share the word.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Dear God, a prayer for my son

Dear God,

Please save my son...he doesnt believe you like I DO. I know you were caucasion with brown hair and blue eyes, I mean look...I found your picture on the googles. He never went to church like I DID...regardless if transportation was provided to him, he should have found a way, not my problem God.

By the way, did I mention to you that he doesnt believe in YOUR WORD? I mean, after all, you did write it, right?

Anyhooser...please bring him back to church where you live, once a week, in our lives. You know, that place that is constructed by man, of the man, for the man. A place where women do not have a say in religion, well at least only in Christianity.

Thank you for calling King James, probably in PRIVATE because you like that kinda thing, to translate the bible into English, the official language of America! haha, laugh with me God its just a joke :)

Thank you, Im so glad that King James put the important things in the bible, like how women should be kept isolated during their menstration and stay away from church, even though right now I am praying that you will bring my son back to church ALL OF THE TIME, you know how you like sexiest principles and all. Must have been mentioned in the gospel of Judas...oh wait, that book wasnt important...never mind that, God.

Anyway, please help him with these sinful Radical thoughts that man has desecrated your name and bring him back to OUR WORD of blindness force fed into us every sunday, or whenever I can make it since I may be on my period this sunday...whatever...and bring him back to your "living-word"

-Amen....oh wait I forgot to ask...when is your next volume going to be published? Thanks, now Amen

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Economic Recovery and Your Part....

   Look at this chart above that displays the Unemployment Rate from the years 1929 to 1941 (12 years) timeframe.

  I am using this chart because as members of both political parties state "...this is the worst economic period since the Great Depression..."

  I stand with President Barack Obama and I will cast my vote with him this election year.

  What I cant stand with is my generation. Wake up and realize that life is not instant like your internet, delivered in 30 minutes or less like your pizza, and most importantly not given to you on a silver platter because of what mommy and daddy did for you.

  After the crash of '29, it took 12 years and the war efforts / production during World War Two, in order to return to near 1% unemployment just before Black Thursday. Eight years of financial mismanagement will not be fixed overnight, in one month, or one presidential term. It takes time to correct the economy...and time I will support and believe in when I vote to re-elect my Commander in Chief.

  How do you expect to see financial recovery when as of recent on major news networks, people have "given up" looking for work. Garbage! We as a society have an "undeserved sense of accomplishment" and simply think that we are above entry-level employment post receiving your College Degree and would rather not hold any title less than "supervisor."

                                                                               Your Part:

  Stop the whining and lose this "pop-culture thug attitude rendering this false idea that you are a badass" and have some humility, patience, and believe in the results that just one person can render.
Put your phone down at work and maybe have a productive day for once so that your efforts get recognized. Accept that entry level work is better than no work at all, take pride in that. Dont lose faith in our democratic leaders.

  God willing, we may never forget our time in history, when we decided to act outside of our comfort zone and make a difference before it was too late.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Equal Rights....

  Personally, how can we say what is a "legal marriage?" I am so thankful that the Gay and Lesbian community is above the influence of fighting fire with fire. Not one member of this community has ever told me that I did not have the right to marry a woman, yet every day blind Christians judge these individuals that have a different view on their soulmate.

  This is the Land of the Free. All men and all wemon are created equal in this country.

                                                   "Judge not unless you be judged first."


                                         Vote against the "Amendment 1" in North Carolina!   

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sexist Social Services, and American Culture For That Matter

   I just want to take the time here to share a personal experience I had with Social Services here in the Commonwealth of Virginia. To clarify the story, if the picture of my face didn't tell you, I am a white male of 22 years. At the time of this incident, I was 19 at the onset and then 20 at closure. This is my story of my journey becoming a SINGLE DAD with the PRIMARY PHYSICAL custody of my two children. Be advised, I am an "isolated incident" and in no way am I stating that all women abuse this system. Separation is unfortunate on all fronts of the family, I truly sympathize with victims of abuse, divorce, and troubled marriages. Please keep your mind open to my experience with this system.

   Let's begin. In September of 2009, I was awarded the primary physical custody status of my two children. This road was not treaded easily. At the onset, I was black-balled by my ex-wife under her plan (not speculation, this was supported by recorded evidence in court) to accuse me of attempting to harm my children. Her goal of this planned accusation was to be awarded custody to collect the "child-support" in order to help the financial situation of her parents.

   The lengthy story of my court battles aside, I was now a single father. I was stacked with financial burdens beyond the legal fees of five months of fighting criminal accusations and custody at the same time. I now had to replace my childrens wardrobe and living arrangements as all of there belongings were taken from our home by the family / co-conspirators of my ex-wife. So, in attempt to find financial assistance for the time being, I found myself going back to the very Social Services office that had tried there best to find me "at-fault" of the accusations made against me.

   I thought about this wonderful program offered in Virginia as well as the rest of the United States, called (WIC) Women, Infants, and Children. I wanted to apply but somehow, even though I had an infant and a child in my home, because I was not a woman (and please no offense ladies) I was not able to benefit from this wonderful program. Today though, I do qualify because of my household size, income, and because I remarried and my wife applied for the program....interesting right?
  I also had applied through the Social Services office to locate "scholarships" for the daycare that my children were enrolled to. After all, single parents have to work right? Unfortunately, my children and I were not receiving any form of child support from my former accusers. Yes, no support, even though they were so Hell-bent to have this financial "blessing" from me, I was not recieiving any form of monetary support to keep my children fed, clothed, educated, or secure during the day. Still, to this day, my children (it is Child Support after all) received no means of support from those who accused me earlier. So, with no additional financial support, I was fronting the cost of daycare and all the combined costs of living, on this one income. Boy, did I hope that I could get one of these scholarships.

   Upon reviewing the file, the social worker asked me, "How many are in your household?" When I had told her three (3) she asked me, "Where's their mama?" When I informed her that I was awaiting the final hearing for divorce she replied, "You mean you got custody of them kids?" At this point, I was beginning to see that as a single father, I would not privileged to receive such scholarships when I heard the word that, "Men in Virginia never get custody of their kids" from the social worker. As a white male making above the poverty line, however not by any means highly compensated as a serviceman, there were no additional support networks for me to turn to.

   Is this system, and culture for that matter, so directly based on sexism that it believes that the primary custodial parent should be the mother? As I have told you, from the start I had four (4) days to be ready for the first of the custody hearings that began after the accusations. Upon proving the malicious intent of the egg-donating ex-wife, I was granted custody. I have seen firsthand that our culture has this mentality that the woman, no matter what case, should be granted custody. Look at me, the only reason that I was ever accused in the first place was because society made my ex-wife believe she would be given custody and social services continues to provide assistance to just as corrupt people without closely following where the benefits go after they are in the hands of their clients. As I stated earlier, her goal of this accusation was to be awarded custody to collect child-support from me in order to help the financial situation of her parents.

   Please, again, I am in no way fighting Sexism with Sexism. I know that I am an "isolated incident." I know that every woman is not applying to ride the system. I sympathize with victims of abuse, divorce, and troubled marriages, I mean, I was a victim after all. Is stronger regulation needed? Is the system bent on only assisting one gender? Get both sides of the story, ask each gender, and then ask yourself, are we in need of Social Service reform? The answer is yes.


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Suprisingly Legal Addictive Substances

     According to, the six most addictive substances are: Marijuana, Caffeine, Alcohol, Cocaine, Herion, and Nicotene. Suprisingly enough, half of these substances (Nicotene, Alcohol, and Caffeine) are legal here in the United States. Of those legally sold, they have significant health consequences that are just as bad if not worse than their counterparts also ranked in this top six list of addictive substances. With this in mind, and using the information gathered by the referenced website, I would like to identify how these legal substances will provide more medical attention than the tabooed "illegal substances" that we wage this War on Drugs against. By the way, the war against drugs, is it not interesting how Health Management Organizations (HMOs) also began during this 1968-1971 period...I wonder why they chose the drugs they did to ban and keep legal?

     Upon locating this information, I learned that some of the "harmful" effects of Marijuana include: increased appetite, feelings of relaxation, feeling like time has slowed, and low blood pressure. Also, the two remaining banned addictive substances of Cocaine and Heroin, shared the same effects (aside from confidence and pleasure that you feel "high") of aching muscles, back pain, vomitting and diarrhea. Now, lets look at how these compare to their legal counterparts.

     Caffeine, such as tea, sodas, and coffee is readily available, to all age groups, at every corner. This substance is linked to insomnia and high blood pressure. Nicotene (available to you once you have turned 18) supplies the user lung cancer, as well as putting non-smokers at risk by the secondhand smoke. Nicotene also is responsible for oral cancers, heart disease, strokes, and emphysema. Finally, on our list of six substances, Alcohol (available to you legally at the age of 21) will damage your liver, pancrease, and can provide heart disease.

     This information bothers me and it makes me think, why did we choose the drugs that we did to wage war on? So I looked into when the Drug Wars began and I found the website with an article titled, "Nixon's 'war on drugs' began 40 years ago, and the battle is still raging"  (
     So, now I know that it was acted upon by President Richard Nixon. I decided to get to know my former president a little better, besides "Watergate", so I looked into his accomplishments during his term. In 1973, President Nixon signed into law the ``Health Maintenance Organization and Resources Development Act,'' which created HMOs, and the deregulated the American health-care system. Are you starting to put the pieces together?

     In one term, this administration expertly banned substances with less or equal health side effects than the legally allowed addictive substances such as caffeine, nicotene, and alcohol. We truly thought as Americans that we had accomplished something. We had the false impression that we banned terrible, body damaging substances when in fact we had allowed some of the worst ones to stay legal. While they remained legal, they began taking there toll on our bodies just as they always had, silently and steadily, with our morning cup of coffee to our cigarette breaks. As we developed a biased mindset to which substances were "morally wrong" our HMO's were cashing in on the legal damage that we, to this day, still do to our bodies.

   What do we do now? Can we as a nation keep this closed mind on Marijuana and Cocaine like we have for the past 40 years? Should we regulate this substances like we currently do with Alcohol, Caffeine, and Nicotene, therefore collecting the revenue in taxes which could provide an increase in our ability to pull ourselves out of debt? Ultimately, the choice is ours to let our representatives know how we feel and what we want so these true issues can make it to Washington. I am here to just get the word out, because the taboo of this topic does not scare me away from enlightening you.